Live Demo of Our Technology

Have you designed a high-level data quality solution and wish to check the feasibility? Let us demonstrate how our technology can assist you before the actual implementation.

Whether you are trying to replace an old-fashined inflexible data quality solution or are considering a new one, we will be happy to discuss your current situation, both business and IT requirements and create a mockup solution in YOUR environment using YOUR data based on YOUR requirements/concepts. This will allow us to demonstrate our approach and best practices in the area of data quality management, master data management and data governance, also showing you the advantages of an integrated approach using Ataccama technology.

Helping to Plan Your Next Steps in DQ Initiatives

To start working on the PoC, we would ask for access to your data/systems and your requirements on your planned DQM/MDM solution. A few workshops will be required to discuss the possible approaches and environment in your organization. The proof-of-concept will deliver a functional demonstration of your desired solution and help you plan the next steps in your DQ/MDM initiative. PoC’s always focus on the most important functionality of the future solutions and could involve assignments like:

  • Data cleansing and standardization: demonstrate the ratio of possible data quality improvement
  • Match & Merge: demonstrate the following use cases:
    • 3rd party data matching with your customer data
    • the concept of matching (groups of records based on business rules)
    • the householding approach
  • Rule-based scoring/validation: apply customer’s rules quickly and provide summary reports / faulty data reports