Are you planning your Data Quality initiative?

Start with our thorough Data Quality Assessment. In a couple of days, we will help you better understand your data quality issues and choose the best approach to address them.

Our Data Quality Assessment will provide you with an objective evaluation of the current state of your data assets—from identification of the major data quality issues to quantification of business impacts and summary reports—and will also provide estimates of data quality improvement using an automated data quality tool.

The Clearest Picture

In an effort to get the clearest possible picture, we would ask you to provide extracts of your data and a few workshops to discuss your requirements, the issues you are facing and especially the business impacts of the issues.

The deliverables include a detailed report with summary statistics and results interpretation, examples of identified data quality issues, and an evaluation of the results. As part of the Data Quality Assessment, we provide a tailored set of Data Quality Management measures, ranging from technology-related (DQ Firewall, Automated Data Cleansing, Data Consolidation, Data Quality Monitoring and Reporting) to more process/business-oriented (Data Governance, Manual Data Quality Issues Handling, etc.)