February, 2014 (Santa Clara) – Ataccama Corporation presents Ataccama Big Data Engine—a new data integration and general data processing platform for Hadoop. Ataccama offers a complimentary Big Data Test Drive to organizations at the most-talked-about big data event, O’Reilly’s Strata Conference, this week on February 11–13 in Santa Clara, California.

Hadoop is becoming an industry-transforming, disruptive force. Thanks to its superb technical features, low TCO, and enterprise distributions, it is being quickly adopted even by large, conservative organizations. However, one of the key limitations remains unresolved—complexity of the technology and difficult development of any Hadoop-based project.

“With our technology, Ataccama is ready to help organizations looking into big data opportunities to overcome the adoption barriers,” states Michal Klaus, Ataccama CEO. “Our complimentary Big Data Test Drive includes a Hadoop cluster setup, assessment of potential big data ideas, data assessment, and implementation of one big data idea of the respective client,” explains Mr. Klaus in regards to a speedy big data initiative kick off. He encourages Strata delegates to visit Ataccama booth to see live demos and discuss details to understand the quality and value of Hadoop data for their projects.

Ataccama technology enables our clients to quickly gain insight into their big Hadoop data—reveal basic quality attributes, understand them, and proceed to advanced features for deeper and more accurate analysis. The findings and configuration can be then used in Big Data Engine and other Ataccama modules, which offer broad range of data integration, manipulation, and transformation features, all being executed as Hadoop-native code with no performance or scalability compromises. This allows users to spend less time on integrating and more time on putting big data into business use.

Ataccama Big Data Engine offers the following functionalities that are both required and appreciated by the most demanding corporate clients:

  • Data Profiling
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Integration
  • Rule Engine
  • Data Standardization, Cleansing, and Enrichment
  • Match & Merge, Golden Record creation
  • Master Data Management
  • Reference Data Management
  • Data Quality Dashboarding
  • Data Quality Workflow

“Working with Hadoop can be hard. However, Ataccama is working hard to make it easy for you,” states Mr. Klaus. “With three intense conference days ahead of us here at Strata, we have the opportunity to demonstrate how Ataccama can make your data work on Hadoop,” concludes Ataccama CEO.

To arrange an onsite meeting with Mr. Klaus, please come to our booth #738 or contact us at press@ataccama.com.

Ataccama Corporation combines data quality, master data management, and data governance in a single technology platform ready for operational, analytical and big data deployments. Ataccama Big Data Engine—a data integration and processing platform for Hadoop—offers an easy-to-use development interface (GUI), shared metadata, and rich data integration layer—often replacing specialized ETL technologies. It accommodates the key Hadoop features, such as massive parallel processing, scale-out nature, fault tolerance, memory management, etc., and is available to anyone who needs to profile, map, model, process, transform, cleanse, enrich, and integrate data with Hadoop. Ataccama now offers a complimentary Big Data Test Drive to organizations to kick off their Hadoop initiative.