CEO Michal Klaus, outlining the benefits of the new release, stated “The availability of Ataccama DQ Analyzer will encourage the adoption of Data Quality management and Data Governance within organizations. People usually suspect there are problems with their data quality, but frequently find it difficult to quantify them, let alone demonstrate the business impact of these issues. With our new product, everyone will be able to identify the size and source of their data quality problems very easily.” Users can explore advanced features such as data pre-processing, pattern recognition, domain analysis, regular expressions matching, and a drill-to-source option.

Ataccama DQ Analyzer comes as an easy-to-use, self-installable download. Klaus added “Our experience shows us that both commercial and government organizations prefer to work with their data in-house, since it is often sensitive and business critical, rather than uploading it to the web“.

After assessing the quality of their data, users of Ataccama DQ Analyzer can easily move on to the next steps in the Data Quality management process – cleansing, standardization, match & merge, and comprehensive Data Governance support. This is enabled through the easy transition from Ataccama DQ Analyzer to the complete Ataccama DQ Center. The technology incorporates unique features such as real-time data cleansing and matching, and DQ Trace (tracing and auditing of every single decision and transformation throughout the cleansing process).

Organizations looking primarily at the quality of their master data, such as ‘Customer’, ‘Product’, ‘Location', etc., can upgrade directly to the more complex suite of Ataccama products – Ataccama MDM Center - a fully transactional MDM hub with integrated data quality features and Data Governance support. Ataccama MDM Center, unlike other MDM products, is fully driven by a master data business model. Users can take advantage of industry-specific data models from Ataccama, which can be fully customized or start with their own proprietary model. Model-driven architecture significantly shortens the implementation phase of otherwise complex MDM integration projects.

Commercially available Ataccama products leverage the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based, high-performing and scalable Ataccama’s processing core, allowing deployment of Data Quality and MDM processes throughout whole organizations in downstream or upstream processes. Ataccama customers also value the rich set of adapters which make Ataccama products fit even the most demanding and complex environments.

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