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As part of our #goal to try new things this year, we decided to branch out and get creative with a flower-arranging……

Feb 16, 2018

Enjoying good food and a Peek at #Avast #BigData Kitchen Tools. Thanks everyone for coming! #hadoop

Feb 15, 2018

Are you as excited about the next HUG #meetup as we are? Join us tomorrow for a Peek at #Avast #BigData Kitchen Too……

Feb 14, 2018

Want to take the first step to #DataQuality? It’s free. Try our collaborative, one-click #dataprofiling tool powere……

Feb 12, 2018

We all need to get out of our #comfortzones every now and then. Some of us decided to push our limits with a……

Feb 09, 2018

After the success of our last HUG #meetup with the most attendees to date, we decided to waste no time in planning……

Feb 08, 2018


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