[Webinar] Unlocking Data Lineage for Business & Technical Users

Automate and Enrich Your Data Management Strategy with the Ataccama-MANTA Partnership
Jan 30, 10:00 am AEDT

Trusting your data means understanding its lineage. We’ve recently announced a partnership with MANTA to enrich our ‘self-driving’ data management platform with data lineage and bring its capabilities to both business and technical users. 

In this webinar, we’ll show how Ataccama and MANTA’s shared vision for self-service data management offers a market-unique solution: data management enhanced with data lineage capabilities, as well as lineage made available as a business layer and augmented with rich metadata and data quality information.

See firsthand how the Ataccama ONE + MANTA integration can:

  • Provide an enterprise-wide picture of your data flows 
  • Increase productivity and improve risk management within all major data management practices, including data privacy, information security, data quality, data governance, and regulatory compliance
  • Automatically derive a business lineage layer on top of the technical lineage to benefit business users
  • Enable clients to reap the benefits of data lineage immediately, with no disruption to their current solution

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